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Company Background


MCC Group has started with a small computer training school, known as "Micro Computer Course" in 1986. After the socialist economic system was discontinued in 1988, MCC got the chance to register a limited company in the name of "Myanma Computer Company (MCC) Limited" and keep three little words to build “MCC” as well-known national brand. Over (31) years of business involving in IT education and technologies, MCC has grown up with MCC Group together with subsidiary companies. MCC Group has been transformed into a service company and reorganized all activities into two main groups "MCC Education Services" and "MCC ICT Services". MCC Group is now moving with very comprehensive strategy for both focus areas and implementation has been already started.

MCC Group is currently laying the founding blocks for the entire education ecosystem with different levels of education to different market segments. The education market is like a pyramid shape, big-bottom and steep-top. The lowest layer is grass-root and MCC Franchise-network will cover this segment. Now, MCC Group has over (180) franchises in all over Myanmar, almost every city, providing basic ICT and business skill training. Over and above the bottom layer, there is vocational training layer which is MCC Polytechnic Colleges where the students can earned the Diplomas for respective area such as IT, Engineering, Business etc. Another layer is MCC Institute which is offering top-up degrees from international universities. The highest layer at the top is Private University which will offer MCC own degrees for undergraduate and post-graduate studies.