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Education Services


MCC Group has started with a small computer training school, known as "Micro Computer Course" in 1986. After the socialist economic system was discontinued in 1988, MCC got the chance to register a limited company in the name of "Myanma Computer Company (MCC) Limited" and keep three little words to build "MCC" as well-known national brand. Over (31) years of business involving in IT education and technologies, MCC has grown up with MCC Group together with subsidiary companies. MCC Group has been transformed into a service company and reorganized all activities into two main groups "MCC Education Services" and "MCC ICT Services". MCC Group is now moving with very comprehensive strategy for both focus areas and implementation has been already started.

MCC Group is currently laying the founding blocks for the entire education ecosystem with different levels of education to different market segments. The education market is like a pyramid shape, big-bottom and steep-top. The lowest layer is grass-root and MCC Franchise-network will cover this segment. Now, MCC Group has over (180) franchises in all over Myanmar, almost every city, providing basic ICT and business skill training. Over and above the bottom layer, there is vocational training layer which is MCC Polytechnic Colleges where the students can earned the Diplomas for respective area such as IT, Engineering, Business etc. Another layer is MCC Institute which is offering top-up degrees from international universities. The highest layer at the top is Private University which will offer MCC own degrees for undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Figure 1: The Layers of MCC Education Services

MCC Franchise Network

MCC has started franchising since 1993 to expand the training spectrum to all over the country. Because of Myanmar's opening for market economy, the country needs millions of people who know and use the information technology. Franchising is the best way to expand the business in a short period and MCC followed this principle. Starting with few centers in the beginning, but the number growing every year and MCC achieved the biggest education service network in Myanmar.

MCC Country Wide Franchises Network

Figure 2: MCC Country Wide Franchise Network

MCC Polytechnic

MCC Polytechnic Program is one of the segments of under entire education services for vocational qualifications. The purpose of opening MCC Polytechnic Colleges in elsewhere in the country is to broaden access to vocational training and higher education, business development opportunities and to ultimately stimulate the economy to bring economic benefit to our people. MCC Polytechnic Colleges are founded on the belief that education, skill-building and access to technology are the keys to provide inspiration, hope and it means to create a brighter future for our students.

Because of the low public acceptance of vocational education in recent times, small percentages of post-secondary students are currently attending vocational institutions in Myanmar. MCC Group want to contribute in skilled Human Resource Development and plan to establish Polytechnic Colleges combating social bias and making vocational training more attractive in the great challenges. MCC Group can manage to open six MCC Polytechnic Colleges in Yangon, Mandalay, Naypyitaw, Monywa, Pathein and Yatanarpon Cyber City and offering wide range of courses including engineering, IT, business studies, hospitality and telecommunication. In future health sciences, social science mass communication, biotechnology and digital media courses will be available in Polytechnic Colleges. The following table shows the plan for establishing polytechnic Colleges in next ten years.

Table (1) Business Expansion Plan for opening Polytechnic (2017-2026)

Developing a unique business and development model, MCC Polytechnics provides vocational training courses, BTECs, for technical education. BTEC has earned its reputation as the world's most successful applied learning qualification, providing students with a clear line of sight into work. Encouraging students to take responsibility for their own learning, BTEC develops the practical, interpersonal and thinking skills essential for professional life.

BTECs are developed in consultation with employers and higher education experts, so they can trust that anyone who is BTEC qualified will demonstrate the high standards of knowledge, practical skills and understanding required for further study and employment. Everyone who are thinking of a career in Engineering, Information Technology, Business and Hospitality can join MCC Polytechnics and get BTEC international qualifications which are awarded by PEARSON, the largest vocational qualifications provider in UK.

MCC Polytechnic Colleges

Figure: 3 Location of MCC Polytechnic Colleges

MCC Institutes

MCC Institute already established since 2009 in Yatanarpon Cyber City with the special permission of the head of state for human resource development in Myanmar. Then, it was branched out to Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyitaw, so that, MCC Institute is currently running in four campuses including the original Yatanarpon Campus.

Under MCC Institute, four faculties are running such as School of Computing, School of Engineering, School of Business Management, and School of Multimedia and Creative Art. All the programs are running with international collaborative universities and awarding undergraduate and postgraduate degree from the respective universities.

MCC Institute has been established for the special program for Myanmar Human Resource Development Scheme initially, but after the grand strategy of Education Service Eco System, the role of MCC Institute is to provide the top-up degree for the students graduated from Polytechnic Colleges. Top-up degree will be awarded by international partners' universities, mostly for UK.

     o University of Greenwich

     o London Metropolitan University

     o MiddleSex University

     o Bermingham City University

MCC Institute is also running (2+2) programs with regional universities such as Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and SIAM University from Bangkok, Thailand.

Programs (MCC Institute)

Partner Universities of MCC Institutes

Campuses and Schools of MCC Institutes

MCC Institute has four campuses in Yatanarpon Cyber City, Yangon, Mandalay, and Naypyitaw and five schools in the field of Computing, Engineering, Business Management, Environmental and Natural Resources Management, and Multimedia & Creative Arts.